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Designer/Visual Artist/Supervisor

I am a native of Los Angeles and I grew up immersed in the entertainment industry. I have been working in this business professionally for the past 15+ years. I come with a vast level of experience and passion for Graphics, 3D, Visual Effects, Pre-Visualization, Architectural Rendering/Visualization for Set Design and Environmental Design. I am also a member of the Art Directors Guild, Local 800.

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Work Experience

  • "9-1-1" Season 2

    Concept Design, Previs, Design

    I am currently working on season 2 of "9-1-1." I handle a lot of pre-visualization, concept art and design for the series. I deal with multiple departments as well as going on surveys to collect measurements for plans.

  • "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S13"

    Concept Design, Previs, Design
    I handled the pre-vis and concept design the series.

  • Freelance Visual Effects and Design

    I handled the on-set work on a pilot for ABC called "The Fix", based on books by former Los Angeles Prosecutor, Marcia Clark. I have also been doing work as a freelance artist on the second season of the TV series "Taken" and season 3 of "The Expanse."

  • Independent Visual Effects Supervisor/Artist

    Pre-Production/Production/Post Production/On-Set Supervisor - Visual Effects Supervisor
    Unit Zero (ABC Pilot - 2017), Shadowhunters Seasons 1/2, MacGyver (CBS Pilot - 2016), Swelter (feature film). For Shadowhunters, I managed and oversaw completion of over 5,500 visual effects shots during the course of 33 episodes. In addition, I took on 25-70 VFX shots per episode, to help reduce the overall costs and keep the budget within pattern and the schedule on track.

  • Warner Horizon Scripted Television - VFX Supervisor

    Pre-Production/Production/Post Production/On-Set Supervisor - Visual Effects Supervisor
    I completed up to 125 VFX shots per episode of Dallas (Shephard/Robin), for a total of 5,000 shots across 40 episodes, typically working within a strict, seven-day timeframe. During that time, I also supervised 100% of the VFX for the first season of Longmire (Shephard/Robin), traveling regularly between L.A. and on-set supervison in New Mexico.

  • Independent Visual Effects Supervisor/Artist

    Pre-Production/Production/Post Production/On-Set Supervisor - Visual Effects Supervisor
    I acted as a trusted expert for pre-production planning, production and post-production in the areas of visual effects and artist management. I would regularly develop, implement, and supervise solutions to meet each client's unique needs and expectations. Studios hired me to manage all of the VFX, from pre-production planning through final delivery in post-production. I provided script breakdowns, budgets, storyboards, and pre-visualizations and schedules to complete projects within established timeframes and financial parameters. Lastly, I would maintain constant client communications via on-site supervision as well as attend regular concept, tone, and production meetings.

    Check out my IMDB for a full list of credits.

  • The Walt Disney Company

    Graphic Designer
    I worked in the corporate communications division of TWDC. While working here, I designed logos for new divisions that would form within the company. I handled executive photography; art directing, shooting and managing of the photos. I also developed and maintained corporate style guides for all graphics related assets. In 1996, I helped art direct and design the company's annual report.


  • Full Sail University

    Bachelor of Science in Animation

  • Undergraduate Coursework

    Visual Design
    Industrial Design

    UCLA, Cal Poly - SLO

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